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Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Monica S. Warner

If you cannot live without the road and are ready to do anything for a chance to be riding your bike with the wind slapping against your face, you should definitely look for someone who shares those interests of yours! Thanks to the numerous dating websites that cater to pretty much any niche you can possibly think of, it is not hard.

All you need to do is to find a trustworthy biker website for online dating, and you are all set to go!

What Is The Best Biker Dating Site?


BikerPlanet is the first biker dating site to be mentioned in this article because of how popular and widely used it is. Not only the large user base can serve as a rather reliable indicator of the website’s trustworthiness and effectiveness, but it can also be a competitive advantage for everyone interested in broadening their scope. After all, if you register on a biker dating site that has a lot of people using the platform, you are more likely to come across someone who would blow your mind and steal your heart.

BikerPlanet main page

Well, that is about everything that could possibly be stolen on BikerPlanet. Apart from caring about your happiness and aiding your building of a meaningful connection with bikers around the world, BikerPlanet also puts a lot of thought and effort into ensuring your online biker dating is as safe and pleasant as possible. First of all, the platform takes care of all the fakes and scammers they can spot (there is a special team of trained moderators to keep an eye on the website) as well as protects the members’ financial information by using the latest 128-bit SSL encryption system.

Besides, it is one of the free biker dating sites, which means registration on the service is free of charge. You can create an account, set up a profile, browse through profiles of other users of BikerPlanet, and get possible match suggestions sent your way without upgrading your account. However, if you want to have access to more advanced forms of communication, you might want to subscribe to BikerPlanet.

This website is listed among the top biker dating sites since it is very versatile and effective in securing you a compatible match. In addition to being a dating platform, BikerPlanet is also a biker community. To some extent, BikerPlanet works as some sort of social media for all the people interested in both local and international biker news, updates, and events. You can filter the news in accordance with your location, which makes it easier to find a partner for biking dating among the folk in your area.

Another important thing to notice about this best biker dating site is that it is suitable not only for straight singles. The registration is open to people of all sexualities, which makes BikerPlanet great from all forms of biker dating, both straight and gay. All you need to do is state your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for, and the system will provide you with suitable matches.


BikerKiss is one of the first online dating platforms in its niche, which means its history dates back to a rather long time ago. Granted that after nearly 20 years in operation, the website is still afloat and remains highly popular within the bikers’ community, it can only mean that BikerKiss is a good platform that serves its purpose well.

One of the best things about BikerKiss is the fact that this biker singles dating site is free! Getting a membership does not cost any money, so you do not have to use your credit card credentials in order to neither create an account nor set up a profile. You can introduce yourself to the world of biker dating and let it see what you have to offer without any additional effort! This is great news for everyone who is slightly skeptical about the whole biker dating sites thing and wants to see whether this is something they could benefit from.

BikerKiss main page

However, if you do decide to register on the platform, you will quickly realize what places it among the top biker dating websites. First of all, it offers a wide range of different tools that can help you match with the boys and girls that you will be most compatible with. The platform asks you to answer a couple of questions as you initially sign up to BikerKiss, and based on your responses, it matches you with the people who share the same values.

Nonetheless, if you do not want to leave your love life to the mechanism to handle, you might take the things into your own hands. If you have a particular type in mind (perhaps, you dream about dating a patched biker), you can turn to the help of the advanced search tool that allows users to filter their matches in accordance with their specific criteria.

BikerKiss is, indeed, the best biker dating site for everyone who has a holistic approach to dating. This finds a reflection in the fact that BikerKiss does not only have an extensive user base of singles to connect with, but it also provides its members with a blog where they can find date ideas, share their tattoos and just talk about their lifestyle with the people who will definitely get it. And from there It is all “Two wheels, two hearts, one road”.


HarleyDatingSite is a very exciting biker singles dating site. As it can be deduced from the name of the platform, it is mostly focused on connecting Harley lovers across the world. However, it does not mean that the user base of HarleyDatingSite is limited to just those. In fact, it has over 250 thousand registered users from around the globe, which makes it a good place to connect with people who have the same lifestyle as you and possibly find the love of your life!

HarleyDatingSite main page

HarleyDatingSite can boast a lot of unique and cool features that are not offered by any other best biker dating site. On top of the usual advance search tool that allows you to browse through the profiles of users in a more efficient way and numerous means of communication, HarleyDatingSite has some peculiar features and services that are exclusive to bikers only!

The top ones are ‘Certified Harley Singles’, which allows you to verify your profile and prove that you are, indeed, real and own a cool bike. ‘Harley Backseat or Passenger’ is designed for women that want to find men with a motorcycle and be a passenger in their relationship. ‘Harley Tattoo’ and ‘Rocker Lifestyle’ help users to gain a better understanding of the lifestyle.


MeetLocalBikers is a biker dating site that works best for those bikers interested in finding men and women located nearby. Of course, having a chance to meet someone new and exciting from abroad is always an option, but if you are more of a down to earth practical person that wants to be able to arrange a meeting then and there, and go on a biker’s road trip together, you might want to check whether there are any people that you fancy close to home.

MeetLocalBikers main page

MeetLocalBikers’ concept lies in finding like-minded individuals that are in close proximity to you, which makes it somewhat more niche than all the rest biker dating sites listed in this article. After all, the concentration of bikers across the world differs from one place to another. It is always worth a shooting a shot, though! Besides, the website allows you to run a small check before you join the service. Even prior to registering, you can see whether there are any members that reside close to you either by allowing the website access to your location or by entering the zip code manually.

There are also live chat rooms that include everyone who is currently online on the site and wants to talk. Those can be either based on shared interests (perhaps, you are interested in dating a parched biker) or location. That way, you can meet new people who have the same lifestyle and hobbies like you!

While is not necessarily a biker dating site, it does, indeed, work well for bikers. Thanks to the enormous user base that this platform can boast and the advanced search filters that allow looking for people with specific lifestyles and interests, you can easily meet fellow bikers to build a romantic relationship with.

How To Get The Most Out Of Free Biker Dating Sites?

As you may have noticed, there are two types of biker dating platforms — some of them are completely free while the other ones are paid. It is up to you to decide how committed you are to finding love, and how much you are willing to invest in your search.

However, it does not mean that you necessarily have to pay in order to successfully find love or at least a buddy on of the best biker dating sites listed in this article. All you need to remember is to follow some rules:

  • Upload pics. Show off your bike, share your other hobbies, show your good angles. No matter how great the rest of your profile is, adding visual content to go along with it will make you tenfold more successful on dating websites.
  • Fill out all the fields. While it is important to filter the information you share on the internet, you should remember that there must be at least something for your matches to talk about. Some conversation starters will do.
  • Register on a couple of top biker dating sites. Although on a number of occasions the user base of different popular platforms for biker dating overlap, if you register an account on several services, you increase your chances of meeting someone special!

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