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In a Nutshell

Chatiw dating platform allows users to find the other party within minutes without registering and paying. We used the services of this online dating platform to find out what awaits you after joining the community. If you are also interested, enjoy review.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient mobile application;
  • Free communication opportunity;
  • Anonymity;
  • Simple interface.


  • A lot of fraud;
  • Invalid VIP subscription cost;
  • No advanced search;
  • Limited long-term dating opportunities.

main-page-Chatiw at a Glance

Best for: anyone who wants to start a quick dating with a stranger
Recommended age: 18-25
Favorite features: free chat

What Is Chatiw?

The first thing you need to know about what is is that there are two versions of this platform that are significantly different. The free membership of this dating site allows searching freely and without registration. While a paid subscription is similar to most online dating platforms, that is, after you pay for the service package, you will have access to create your account, which will give you access to photo profiles and expand the number of tools for communication. Learn more about the differences between a paid and free subscription in the review of Chatiw.


How Does Work?

If you believe in fate, the best answer to the question of how does Chatiw works is that the system works quite randomly here. You won’t know what your potential person’s hobby looks like until you start a conversation with him. Name, age, and location are all known before you start a conversation. And then it is up to the user to choose what information to give themselves. Free use of the Chatiw Online Dating Platform allows you to communicate freely with other members of the community. Although it’s worth remembering that the number of messages you send is limited. Theoretically, you will also be able to access the video chat and chat, but for the whole experience of our users, it has never worked. Some may be more fortunate because other Chatiw dating site reviews say this feature works quite well.

It should also be noted that you can only communicate with one person during one session of the platform. It means that you will not be able to access the history of your conversation, and if you do not exchange contacts, for example, on social networks, you will lose touch with that person forever.

Using the Chatiw dating site is perfect for a one-off vacation. You can hardly find an interlocutor or even more a partner for building a long-term relationship. It will work well if you suddenly get bored and want to meet new people.

Just as the platform allows you to send photo messages, be prepared for the fact that too many members of this community are not using this feature in the best way. The implication is that some of the photos you get will have a bright erotic appeal. Besides, many people talk openly about their purpose of being on the Chatiw website, and it is not easy to communicate. If you know what I mean.

As for a premium Chatiw subscription, it’s hard to call it worth at least $ 1. Benefits you will have to pay for are the lack of advertising, no Bot Captcha, fixed username, the VIP badge on your profile, the ability to send links and phone numbers, unlimited photo messages, and support.

The premium features are too primitive and limited, given that Chatiw looks a little like a regular dating site. There is neither advanced user search, high-quality profiles, nor long-term communication options.



If you are already familiar with reviews, then staying away from the usual sign-up system will not be news to you. On the one hand, it is quite convenient to visit the dating site without any problems, since you do not need to keep your password and Chatiw log in data in mind. On the other hand, it affects the platform’s sense of security. It looks as if you were leaving a roller coaster without a safety belt. Are you interested in the truth about Chatiw?

So, the absence of a permanent account makes you feel like a powerless guest every time. If you encounter fraud on this platform, then you are unlikely to prove your case, as there are no dialogue histories, no records of your being there. Besides, starting a dialogue with other online dating site members requires you to enter a nickname that must comply with the platform’s rules. But when you enter your real or invented name in 80%, it will be busy. So choosing a nickname will take some time.

However, if you decide to purchase a premium Chatiw package, the situation will be somewhat better. At a minimum, you will have your own name, e-mail attachment, and you will not need to fill in the baseline data each time to start communicating on this dating site.

Search & Profile Quality

As you have already understood, we are dealing with a slightly non-standard dating platform. In the case of Chatiw, it is difficult to talk about the quality of profiles, as some users (free subscription) are absent at all. Similarly, there is nothing to say about the search. Because he doesn’t have one here either. If you want to narrow down your search, you can limit your age and location. You will only know the other parameters of your potential partner by starting a conversation with him. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Speaking of the quality of the profiles, in that context, you can find such good conversations when using Chatiw. The conclusions here are ambiguous. On the one hand, there are quite a few interesting people to talk to. On the other hand, almost half of online users have signs of fraud. The specificity of this website does not allow us to fight it qualitatively, as it is nearly impossible to trace the origin of the fake member.



You are also most likely interested in whether it is Chatiw safe. In general, there is nothing on this platform that could compromise the security of your personal information. Chatiw enables anonymous communication with people from all over the world. So overall, the reliability of the platform depends on your usage behavior. It means that you have to think about what information you will give to your interlocutor and whether it can turn against you. The system does not block many fake accounts and bots, so be careful when communicating. Those with Internet dating experience can usually easily recognize the reason. But if you are not in this category, there is also a dedicated blog section on Chatiw that discusses how to treat strangers and protect yourself while dating online.

Prices & Plans

If you do not have enough features to use the Chatiw platform for free, you can use a VIP plan, the prices for which are relatively affordable, though hardly justified:

VIP Total

  • 1 month $4.95 / month $4.95;
  • 6 month $4.33 / month $25.95;
  • 12 month $4.16 / month $49.95;

To Sum Up

Most modern people are accustomed to the fact that dating sites are built using a standard scheme that allows the user to show themselves in all their beauty and evaluate others to start a dialogue. Chatiw has come a long way from this stereotype, as it lacks the usual tools and at least its profile. Do you ask is Chatiw good? In terms of anonymity and ease of use, yes. But the quality of communication on this platform is highly doubtful.


Is legit?

Yes, the Chatiw dating site has been operating legally since 2010. However, it will not protect you from fraud.

How do I delete a dialog in Chatiw?

The message history is automatically deleted for both users as soon as they finish the session.

Is Chatiw anonymous?

Yes, staying on this platform gives you complete privacy because it does not require you to upload a personal photo and does not request access to any of your data.

How long does the registration process take?

Free use of the platform does not require registration on the site. Just specify your location, unique nickname, age, and gender, and you can start communicating.

What should I do if my profile is suspended?

If you have been blocked by one of your users, you will only be able to resume your Chatiw website in 48 hours. If you have a premium subscription, then you can submit the rebuff to support and regain access at a predefined time.

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