Top Popular Lesbian Dating Sites For You To Find A Partner

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Being a lesbian woman, it can be rather difficult to find a partner. While the world is changing towards greater levels of acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, meeting people in real life is still quite a challenge for everyone who is not straight. Besides, on a number of occasions, the options are limited if you are looking for a match at your local bar or gay club.

On the other hand, however, with the rapid development of lesbian dating sites, it is becoming easier to connect with likeminded people online and take things further from there. Lesbian dating sites are, indeed, a blessing for all queer women out there. However, they can also be a curse granted the number of creepy people trying to impersonate a lesbian woman. Therefore, it is important that you only use trustworthy lesbian dating sites and do your research first.

You need to find dating sites for lesbian women that care about its users’ safety on top of having a wide pool of registered users. Here are some of the best options for you to try out!

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The Best Free Lesbian Dating Sites

If you are interested in embracing a committed relationship and are currently looking to find an ideal long-term partner for lesbian dating, you might benefit from turning to lesbian dating sites for help. Luckily, today there are a lot of niche dating websites on the internet. So you have a wide choice of different options when it comes to selecting a platform that would accommodate your needs best.

However, even with such a broad selection of different lesbian sites for dating, it can, unfortunately, still be a little bit tricky to find the one that would guarantee you a good match. While a lot of platforms claim that they are inclusive and are a great fit for queer women, in reality, they are mostly oriented on catering straight couples that are looking for a lesbian single to join them. Similarly, there are also a number of curious people that are only interested in experimenting for a bit.

But if assisting someone’s experiment is not your prime goal, and you would rather find a partner that is serious about their intentions and sexuality and therefore would stay by your side for a while, you should delve a bit deeper and opt for the trustworthy lesbian dating sites. It goes without saying that finding the best lesbian dating sites requires quite a lot of your time since you need to do your research first. This article, however, understands that it is not particularly thrilling to stay single for any longer than you already have, so it is aimed to provide you with a list of the top lesbian dating sites.

Depending on your initial intentions and the type of a relationship that you are seeking, you may choose either a platform aimed at bringing women for serious lesbian dating or a website that caters to those interested in more a more casual dating format. One way or another, there are a couple of free lesbian dating sites that are known to serve their purpose well. is on this list of the most popular lesbian dating sites because of its varied functionality and extensive user base. Over a million of queer women are looking for a partner on Match, so you can be sure that you would not be at a shortage of options to choose from.

While Match is not an exclusively lesbian dating platform, it has a solid number of queer women registered on it. Besides, it is designed in such a way that it allows all the users to customize their search in such a way they get the best results and obtain an accurate match. lesbian

While you can still find a hookup on this platform, Match is suited best for everyone who is serious about lesbian dating and wants to find their soulmate. The reason for this is the amount of commitment this online dating website requires from each and every user. Upon registration, every new user needs to take an in-depth questionnaire aimed at learning more about the single and adjusting the dating experience in such a way it would be fruitful. It takes on average half an hour to complete and consists of several blocks of questions about you, your ideal partner, and other things that determine your character.

Both these questions and other fields that new users are encouraged to complete comprise an extremely detailed user profile. The level of detail each profile has is something Match can boast and something that lets the platform stand out. If you have a specific image of a partner you are looking for, you can easily do so by identifying those specific factors in your search and the system will show you the singles that match that description best.

Nonetheless, even if you have not decided on who you need, Match is still incredibly helpful. is among the best lesbian sites for dating because it allows you to find women who are the most compatible with you. Not only does the system send you 7 matches that you share the most traits with on a daily basis, but it also shows you the percentage of compatibility with each and every individual user based on their responses to the aforementioned questionnaire. believes they are an amazing website for lesbian dating, so if you do not find someone special within the first 6 months of your experience, you will get another 6 months of subscription for free.

Match Truly

Match Truly is another great platform for lesbian women interested in serious relationships. Just like it is not exclusively a website for lesbian dating, and caters to straight singles, too. However, it is marvelous for same-sex relationships since it has a number of lesbian mail order brides available for connecting with.

First of all, Match Truly is an international platform, so it does not matter where you are from or where you are currently based. Thanks to the extensive user base of the website, you can find lesbian mail order brides from anywhere in the world. Secondly, what makes it rank so high among the top lesbian dating sites is the fact that it has a lot of active users and the number of them only continues to rise. It is a rapidly growing website that has plenty of new users joining it every day. Hence, you can rest assured that there will be someone to match with at all times.

Match Truly is on this list of the best free lesbian dating sites because it is simply superb for what it is. First of all, registration on Match Truly is free of charge and very straightforward. You can easily get your head wrapped around the whole thing and quickly get down to what really matters — connecting with charming lesbian mail order brides.

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Love Swans

Love Swans is yet another platform on this list of the best lesbian dating sites that despite being not exclusively a lesbian dating site works great for queer women. One thing that makes Love Swans special is the fact that it is less focused on accommodating serious relationships and can be used for finding hookups, too! In fact, users can specify what type of relationships they are after and find like-minded individuals to connect with.

It should be said that finding someone who is looking for the same thing as you do is not difficult at all on Love Swans. The varied user base is exactly what earns Love Swans its place among the best lesbian dating sites.

Besides, the platform also offers its users a range of different features that make online lesbian dating much more fruitful. In addition to simple message exchange that is offered on a number of lesbian dating sites, Love Swans gives its users an opportunity to converse with their matches over voice-calls and video chats!

Lesbian Dating Apps

While all the lesbian dating sites mentioned above are extremely effective and will bring you a match, it could be the case that you are more used to using your phone as opposed to your laptop for online dating. Of course, a lot of the best lesbian dating sites have mobile versions to be accessed from mobile devices, but if you are more of an app person, there are some of the best lesbian dating applications for you!


HER is one of the absolute best platforms for lesbian dating as it caters exclusively to queer women. It is necessary for you to be a woman in order to sign up, so the app is free of creepy men trying to sexualize lesbian women.

HER does the most in an attempt to protect its users from fake accounts and imposters trying to take advantage of the singles using the app by requiring Facebook to register. As soon as you connect your Facebook page to your HER page, you are good to go. It is really a very straightforward app that does not require a lot of commitment. You can set up a profile in no time and get down to swiping.

her main page

However, you do not even need to be in an active search of a partner in order to benefit from HER. A feature that makes HER truly unique is the fact that it is not only a dating app but also a form of social media where you can find information about LGBTQ+ events near you and read posts in your feed!


One of the biggest threats within the lesbian community, especially when it comes to lesbian dating sites, is having to deal with catfish and scammers. FEM is very big on the question of the personal security of lesbians using the app, so it makes it mandatory for all the users to upload short videos of themselves. Apart from being an interesting and unique way of combatting fakes and invasive users, the introduction of video profiles is also great for making the process of looking for matches easier.

FEM main page

After all, gestures and facial expressions, as well as the person’s voice, can tell you so much more about them than a static picture!

Everything else on FEM is more or less usual. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to navigate the app and wrap your head around all the cool features it offers to its users.

What allows FEM to be featured among the best dating sites for lesbian women is the fact that it has ‘Rooms’. These are group chats with a lot of users that are drawn together to discuss a specific topic. Currently, there are “Meet Locals,” “Makeup Talk,” and “Naughty or Nice,” rooms, the latter one being an NSFW chat that allows lesbians to look for sex.

The Bottom Line

With the introduction of dating sites for lesbian girls, lesbian dating was made easy. It does not matter where you live and what kind of relationship you are seeking, you can find likeminded individuals on the internet regardless! Lesbian sites for dating are a great way of meeting new people and finding your ideal partner!

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