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Decent Muslim Dating Sites

Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Monica S. Warner

[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]Followers of different religions, like ordinary people, are increasingly looking for their love on the Web. Religious dating sites are gaining popularity online – for Muslims and Jews. Dating not only for marriage but also for easy communication offers Muslim dating sites. Our selection list includes such sites:


Muslim hijabs, the presence of photos and belonging to Islam are the main requirements for those wishing to register on sites. According to the rules of the site, photos of Muslim girls without a headscarf and hijab are deleted, as well as other people’s pictures, photos in the company of friends or abstract pictures.

Why Do Many Single People Choose American Muslim Dating Sites?

Previously, parents brought together young Muslims and married, but now we have become more independent and create families ourselves. Sometimes this happens thanks to the Internet. There are more and more sites where people of the same faith are looking for a soul mate. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christians and Jews, but most are looking for a girl in Islam.

It’s no secret that people of different nationalities live in America. In this country, it is difficult for Muslim men to find a soul mate, so dating sites can help them find girls for Muslim dating. The peculiarity of these sites is that they enable Muslims to create families based on Islamic values. It’s also just an effective way of dating.

Muslim dating sites, unlike other sites, are devoted to non-intimate relationships outside of marriage, romantic relationships and friendships that are widespread. Persons who register here will be protected from views prohibited by the Sharia, inappropriate photos will be deleted.

How to Use Muslim Dating Site?

The site has strict rules. You must complete a short registration first. Then you will need to fill out a questionnaire or profile. In the profiles, there are standard items for dating services: age, place of residence, work, education. There are also points where you need to answer the questions:

  1. Would you allow your wife to work?
  2. Desired type of marriage (monogamous/polygamous)
  3. Does your future family have to live with your parents?

If you look at the “official” request, there are few requirements for a partner: strong man, that is, faith in the truth of Islam, righteousness and – sometimes – nationality. Appearance, hobbies, and earnings are not always interested.

Profiles on Muslim Dating Sites Are Diverse

Dating site in the column “marital status” offers not only to choose the status of “single”, “divorced” or “widower”, but also “married – looking for a second wife.” This is a very interesting option, given that in many countries citizens can officially be married to only one marriage.

But on the question of religion, it is proposed to choose only the only one of the currents of Islam: “traditional”, “Ahlu Sunnah Val Jamaa”, “Salafi”, “Asharism or Maturidism”, “Sufism”, “Shiism”, “other”, “just a Muslim”

Also, guests of the site need to answer how strictly they observe the religious rules of Islam, whether they have performed the hajj or die, how many Surahs of the Qur’an are known by heart, and to the ladies, do they wear a hijab. Visitors are allowed to choose only one of the existing options.

Protection and Security on Muslim Dating Sites

Muslim dating sites more strongly protect their customers. In order to avoid fitnah (when deeds and words contradict the Qur’an), communication should take place with the consent and in the presence of the bride’s uali (guardian).

So that the scammers would not spin the young Muslim girls’ heads, and communication remained within the bounds of decency, all messages on the site are viewed by moderators. They carefully monitor that young people do not exchange numbers and do not start dating – it is forbidden. But Muslim online dating is allowed.

Looking for a Second Wife…

What is absolutely unusual is the presence of the status of “married” in the column “marital status” of the candidate for husbands. Such suitors seek a second, third or fourth spouse. Islam favors polygamous marriages. True, modern Muslim girls do not always approve of them.

How to Choose a Muslim Wife: Tips for Brothers

Everyone knows the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless and greet him, transmitted from Abu Huraira: “A woman is taken as a wife for four things: because of her wealth, because of her origin, because of her beauty and because of “its religion, seek the one that is committed to religion, otherwise you will lose!”

It is no secret that it is preferable to marry the God-fearing. However, other factors must be considered. Of these, appearance is one of the main factors. No matter how religious the chosen one was, but if you do not like her appearance, then it is better to abandon Nikkah. Mutual attraction is necessary for marriage, and if the spouse is not happy with the look, then such an alliance will be fraught with problems.

You need to find out more about the nature and character of the bride, talking with her family. A wife who does not obey her husband can put her marriage at risk. The husband has the right to demand that his wife obey him in everything if this does not violate the borders of Allah.

Find out her financial situation, the solvency of her family. Discuss what standard of living you can provide her. If a Muslim girl is used to dressing well and eating, living in a good house, and you bring her to a rented apartment, where there is still a crowd of people, there is nothing to eat except potatoes and pasta, and she has to ask her sisters for new clothes – not all women are capable pass such a test.

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