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Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Monica S. Warner

Nerd dating is a delicate matter. Deep down inside, all of us are nerds, in some way or another. However, some people are much more invested in their geeky business and want their significant other to be on the same wavelength as them.

In the past, it used to be extremely difficult to find someone who you would fancy that would share the exact same passions as you. Even with the creation of viral dating apps like Tinder, it has not become much easier to connect with nerds in your local area especially if your interests are rather a niche.

hot nerd girl

This is where nerd dating sites are coming into the game! If you are interested in dating a nerd, you shall look no further — nerd dating websites are the perfect place for you. The only thing is that you need to make sure the services you choose to turn to for help are legit and effective.

What Is The Best Nerd Dating Site?


You have to answer this question yoursуда after reading the below text. SoulGeek claims that it is the ‘Cyber home for geek dating,’ and despite this claim being somewhat pretentious, it is actually the truth! SoulGeek is one of the nicest nerd dating sites out there that are not only effective and serve the purpose well but also feel like home. Indeed, the vibes this place has are immaculate, and the atmosphere on this nerd dating website is extremely friendly and overall pleasant.

One of the factors which contribute toward it is the nice and clean design of the service. It is modern and has a lot of Easter eggs in the shape of everyone’s favorite geeky characters, which just warm your geek soul (pun intended!).

SoulGeek main page

However, it is not only the design of the website you are interested in when you want to embrace the world of nerd dating. It is understandable, and SoulGeek, without a doubt, attends to those wishes, too! First of all, this nerd dating site is quite a big one, which makes it absolutely amazing for those people who want to find a soulmate among a very niche group of people. Thanks to the large user base of SoulGeek, nerds of all kinds can be found and contacted on there! So you shall not look any further.

Another amazing thing about this nerd dating site is the fact that it doubles as a social media platform for geeks from all around the world. SoulGeek is a truly international website, so you can find likeminded individuals from all around the world no matter where you live. But it is not only people that you can find on the website. In addition to finding a nerd to date, you can also meet some geeky friends on the website or learn about some geek events taking place nearby. Those are the perfect place to meet some of your fellow geeks in real life and, possibly, come across the love of your life that does, indeed, know everything about Lord of Rings or Startrek.

SoulGeek is also the home to a number of blogs, forum discussions, video edits, and music — all of which only further promotes communication between nerds who all want the same — dating a nerd like themselves!


Chances are, you have already heard about Plenty of Fish, one of the most popular online dating platforms on the internet. But what if we say that there is Plenty of Fish for nerds and geeks only? Sounds like a perfect nerd dating website, does it not?

PlentyOfGeeks is actually a counterpart of the more famous site and therefore has inherited all the effective matching mechanisms. On top of that, PlentyOfGeeks is a well-established platform that has been around for almost two decades now, so they are definitely sure of what they are doing and have managed to garner an impressive number of users over the years.

One of the prime reasons for this nerd dating website’s popularity is the fact that it is free. You do not have to pay anything to meet singles for nerd dating and can do so quite easily. The signup process is very straightforward — all you need is to include your email address, come up with a nickname and fill out a couple of other standard dating website registration forms. From there, you can start searching for loveable nerds around you.

It is important to note, PlentyOfGeeks is very inclusive, so regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, and what your sexuality is, you are more than welcomed to create an account on this nerd dating service and start searching for a partner to share your geeks.


TrekPassions is a bit of a niche nerd dating website within the nerd dating niche. While it may sound slightly confusing, you will understand what it is all about the second you get to the landing page of this geek dating platform.

Unlike the rest of the services on this list, TrekPassions is dedicated specifically to those singles who are fonder of sci-fi than of any other nerdy things and are interested in dating a nerd that would share their passions.

As soon as you register an account, the system will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself so that your suggested matches were more accurate. From there, you can also create a personal ad where you can state all the things you geek about and the good shows you want to binge-watch with the other geeky women and men of the website. Those will give other users a chance to find you more easily.


GeekNerdDating is exactly what the name of it makes it appear. It is your average online dating website aimed at singles interested in finding someone with the same lifestyle to connect with. However, all of it is with a slight twist — the website is focused on matching nerds in particular. Therefore, when you get to the search tool, it has a wide range of filters you can apply in order to get the perfect match.

GeekNerdDating main page

The criteria you can include vary from being a Star Wars fan to having a profound interest in coding, and give you a chance to find the person who would have the same interests as you.

Registration on GeekNerdDating is free, yet messaging other users requires you to upgrade to the premium profile.

What Is The Best Nerd Dating App?


The same goes here. Regardless of whether you are a geek or not, you have probably heard about Tinder. And so did everybody else. This is exactly what makes Tinder suitable for nerd dating — it has such an extensive user base that absolutely everyone has a chance to find a perfect match on it.

main page

It all comes down to writing a good bio that would reflect on your interests and show exactly what you expect your perfect partner to be like. If you think it all out well enough, you have all the chances of running into someone who is as geeky as you are. After all, Tinder is very inclusive when it comes to the contingent of the people using it.

However, if you believe that your interests are way too peculiar and you want someone specific, Tinder might not be the best place for you. If you are a hardcore geek that is geeking out over something very niche and not common, you could end up swiping left for the most of the time and eventually giving up.

So, Tinder is a great nerd dating app if your scope of interest is rather broad, and your nerdiness is not uncommon.


If you want a nerd dating app made by nerds for nerds, Cuddli is the right option for you. Unlike Tinder that is extremely popular but does not have any particular filters that could be proven useful for nerd dating, Cuddli takes into consideration all the geeky things people admire and utilizes them to provide singles who are interested in dating a nerd with the best match possible.

Cuddli main page

One of the first things about Cuddli that makes this nerd dating app stand out among the rest of nerd dating apps is the fact that it is entirely free. It does not tease you with all the amazing members that you cannot contact without having to upgrade to the paid membership first. The app is very transparent and easy to use.

The only thing that could hinder your use of Cuddli is the fact that it restricts the number of characters that users can fit into their profile bios. If you want to share some information about yourself, you would have to keep your sentences to the minimum. Not only does that put certain limitations on you, but it also prevents you from learning too much about your potential matches. Therefore, you essentially base your judgments on the percentage of compatibility the two of you have and the profile pictures of the person in front of you.

To an extent, however, it is a good thing. Cuddli is great for some sort of nerd speed dating as it pushes you towards messaging the person you like and get down to the business quicker. No shyness!


NerdSpell has earned its place on our list of nerd dating apps for its good functionality and free nature. You do not have to pay anything to register on the platform and start utilizing all the cool features it has to offer to its members.

NerdSpell main page

NerdSpell is unique and does not resemble any of the other nerd dating services mentioned in this article. The reason for this is the fact that it is not a boring social media type or the traditional online dating platform service. The developers of NerdSpell created it to be a mobile fantasy game that matches people with each other in a fun and effortless game.

So, if you want to both find love among other nerds on the web and spend your time playing an exciting game in the meantime, NerdSpell is the top choice for you!

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