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Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Monica S. Warner

Russian ladies, like all Slavic females, are just amazing. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners get to know them every year for easy flirting or serious relationships. Many of them turn to a Russian dating service to meet their love online. Why are these girls so popular among foreigners? Because Russian girls are big dreamers, but at the same time they are trying to maintain a balance between reality and fiction. A key feature of these girls is their ability to be as romantic as possible in a relationship. Women Slavs know how to make any man fall in love with them.

If you are one of those men who are looking for just such a girl but do not know which platform to choose, then this review is for you. Our experts conducted a study and selected the best online resources for affair Slavic girls. Continue reading this review and you will learn all the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms. We will also tell you how to distinguish a legal online resource from a fraudulent one.

Legitimate Russian Dating Sites

But not all men are so lucky to immediately find a high-quality Russian affair online resource. Let’s look at why. Due to the sheer number of hookup platforms created, many of them work too suspiciously. How to distinguish legal Russian affair platforms from scammers created to deceive innocent people who are looking for their soulmate.

1. Fake profile photos

Legal online resources may ask users to provide identification at registration or later, just to verify your account. Moderators also track user profiles, and if they find that the profile is fake, then it is deleted by the administration. Therefore, if you created an account and noticed that most profiles contain only models on avatars, and profiles do not contain high-quality content, this is the first sign that this site should not be used.

2. An unpleasant audience
We are talking not so much about active users, but about advertising distributors, scammers and other similar personalities. The negative that comes from such people and often annoys new users of the site for the site itself and, in general, for online love match-making. Do not let such troubles distract you from the search for your loved one: a ban, a complaint against a user and ignoring are excellent helpers in the struggle for personal peace of mind.

3. Extortion
Extortion by blackmail is unlikely on legitimate Russian hookup portals: personal data on these web-portals is too small to be used against the user. It’s easy to protect yourself from the usual requests for money: don’t send money to anyone, especially if you met a person a couple of days ago. People come to a dedicated site to find a soulmate, and not get rich so that any requests for financial assistance could be at least suspected and not answered.

4.Security measures.
Top online resources share their security measures like SSL encryption or the ability to conduct transactions anonymously. But you should also read the Resource Privacy Policy. It describes the obligations of the administration to users regarding their data and their dissemination. If there is no such page on the site, this is an occasion to think and/or request this data from the administration.

Dating Russian Women

Now let’s talk about what the platforms for Russian women dating selected by our experts offer. Each of them has:

1. A lot of positive feedback from its users, which gives an idea of ​​them without registration.

2. Pricing policy of the platform. These platforms do not ask for registration fees and basic free features, but you will need to pay extra for additional services.

3. List of additional Russian advanced services. These online portals offer not only a virtual platform for communication, but also translation of messages, help in organizing dates, sending gifts and flowers around the world and mobile applications.

4. Security measures. These web-portals share their security measures like SSL encryption or the ability to conduct transactions anonymously. But you should also read the Resource Privacy Policy. It describes the obligations of the administration to users regarding their data and their dissemination. If there is no such page on the site, this is an occasion to think and/or request this data from the administration.

5. Profiles. Pay attention to the quality of the profiles. Profiles of quality avatar these platforms and detailed information about its owner. If you do not observe this, then the owners of these profiles may be scammers who do not want to give at least any useful information about themselves.

6. Mobile apps
If you want to be in constant contact with people online, this is useful to you: opening a browser on a mobile phone, searching for a site, logging in and so on is not very convenient. If there is no application, see how its browser version works: how quickly the pages open, whether all the functionality is available, etc.

So, having learned enough general information about all the platforms that our experts have chosen, it is time to consider each of them separately and in more detail. Here are the top 3 best Russian dating sites.


  • Pricing – The discount price 19.99$, the original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50
  • Best for – People who are looking for Russian women
  • Recommended age – 20-45

Best Russian Dating Sites

RussianBeautydate is an online affair service. The main goal of this is to allow single people from all over the world to communicate with Russian women. So, if you want to meet the love of your love among Russian friends, this site should be just for you. However, even for those who are looking for a soul mate from Ukraine or Belarus, RussianBeautyDate will be quite useful. Despite the fact that the site is quite new and has not existed for a long time, it has already managed to get the convincing experience of successful matchmaking and accumulate an impressive database of active users. The site continues to grow, and its popularity is growing day by day, attracting more and more new singles to the platform.


  • Pricing – Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$. Given credits – 125
  • Best for – singles interested in finding love among Russian ladies
  • Recommended age – 18-40

Best Russian Dating Sites

KissRussianBeauty is an international online hookup resource. The work of this site is not limited to one country, which means that people from different places can register for free on the platform. As you can understand from the name of the service, it is quite a niche in terms of its main focus. This is not a regular online affair portal, but rather a place where single people from all over the world get the opportunity to chat with beautiful Russian friends.

Reviews KissRussianBeauty calls the platform one of the most promising romance web-portals focused on Russian affairs in recent years. The reason for this is the fact that KissRussianBeauty is a relatively new platform that has not been used for a long time, but has already managed to attract an impressive number of participants and continues to grow in popularity daily.

Several KissRussianBeauty reviews talk about how a multi-purpose site is, which implies that singles can find all types of relationships here, from friendships to casual encounters with serious partners. However, this review of the KissRussianBeauty dating site would like to state that the main goal of the platform is to unite those who are interested in serious long-term relationships.


  • Pricing – Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$. Given credits – 250
  • Best for – men who are searching for lovely Slavic girls
  • Recommended age – 18-50

Best Russian Dating Sites

DateRussianGirl is an online dating platform that works in many countries around the world. The main focus of this site is on dating from around the world who want to meet their love among Russian girls. Therefore, DateRussianGirl can be considered a niche dating site. Nevertheless, despite its name, it serves a slightly larger audience, since the user base of girls registered on the site is not limited exclusively to Russian women. Although they make up the largest share of female profiles on the platform, girls from neighboring countries such as Belarus and Ukraine are also widely represented on DateRussianGirl!

In general, in this review of DateRussianGirl dating sites, it can be argued that this site is great for those who are interested in finding a Slavic woman to contact. Moreover, according to DateRussianGirl, the site is positioning itself as a service for serious dating. While it is still possible to meet people looking for casual dates and platonic friendships, you’re most lucky to have a DateRussianGirl if you are after a serious long-term relationship.


Even the best dating sites can be frustrating: someone has to look for a life partner for months. Please do not take a long search to heart. There is a soulmate for everyone in the world, and all you have to do is keep going towards it. The platforms presented in this review will help you make the long-awaited meeting with the girl of your dreams. Just create an account and start your search. The one who seeks will always find.

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